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One of the top Group calendar apps
Share group calendars simple and fast

  • Create many group calendars in one simple calendar app
  • View attendees from events
  • Get notifications from new activities
  • Best of many group calendar apps

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Calendar app

The perfect calendar app
for your busy lifestyle.

Are you looking for a straight forward and easy to use calendar application for keeping your home, social, and work life on schedule? Of all the different calendar apps available online and in app stores today, Dayhaps is by far the most beautiful and smart designs out there, allowing for a simple online calendar to be created and shared with your groups within seconds. However, Dayhaps not only allows for the easy and fast addition of contacts to group calendars, but also the ability to personalize calendars with pictures. If you’re looking for a calendar for only personal use, no problem, simply create a calendar without adding contacts. Below, we’ll examine in depth all the great features of Dayhaps.

  • Create simple group calendars.
  • Add as many members as you like.
  • RSVP to events.

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Elegant and user friendly
calendar design.

Upon using the elegant and user friendly design it will be easy to see why Dayhaps is considered the top of the line when it comes to calendar apps. Dayhaps allows you to recognize different calendars quickly using color coding or personalized pictures as well as the ability to scroll through the upcoming and past months to view events in nicely organized and beautiful lists. You can also filter which calendars you see by simply switching calendar visibility as well as showing all events in your calendars, or only the ones you are attending. Unlike most other calendar apps, Dayhaps allows you the ability to see your events by month in a listing view, select the calendars you want to see and the ones you don’t, and quickly view all the events you’re attending.

  • Different visibility settings for calendars.
  • Show activities planned to attend.
  • Great calendar view with month and list view.

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Rsvp to events

One of the best
free Calendar apps.

Dayhaps allows you to stay in contact with your groups through the app. With its social design, Dayhaps features the ability to RSVP, share and view details of an event, view guests who may or may not be attending, as well as letting others know if you will be attending. Dayhaps allows for an interactive experience. This with the ability to get notified of new events instantly. Receive reminders before an event starts and see when you’ve been added to a new group calendar. So if you’ve been drowning in the sea of the calendar apps available, searching for the right one for you. Dayhaps helps you to keep every aspect of your life on schedule and running smoothly.

  • Receive reminders.
  • Live notified of new events.
  • RSVP with one click.

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