Best family calendar
Family calendar

An easy Family Calendar App for you!
Simple, Fast and Free calendar sharing.

  • Simplifying online calendar
  • Group Calendars for you to share
  • Create simple group calendars with your Partner, Kids, Family and Friends
  • Stay updated with Notifications

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Family calendar app

Simplifying family calendar app
Create group calendars in seconds!

A family calendar app like no other, DayHaps lets you make amazing calendars in no time.

The easiest online calendar! Add events, meetings or any kind of activity with just a few taps on your phone. Make it your own personal calendar or share it with specific contacts.

  • Easy customization available
  • Add pictures to personalize your calendar
  • Share your events with group calendars

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Add photos and
personalize your group!

DayHaps lets you create calendars that you can share with your family or friend circle. A family calendar app where in you can add pictures and get notified about who is attending your events. All you need to do is add the contacts and share the calendar.

Oh and did we say you can make a personal calendar? Make it personal by creating your own calendar without adding any contacts.

  • Easiest way to create online calendars
  • Beautiful calendars to share with your family
  • Simple yet modern design

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Simple but good design

Events RSVP for the whole family

User Friendly interface
Visually appealing and easy to understand

The simple and intuitive design from DayHaps is so easy to use that any of your family members can effortlessly use it. Its a family calendar app that will help everyone stay updated with all family events. You can view events month-wise or as a list view according to your preference.

  • Select the calendars you want to see.
  • Set your prefered view.
  • Personalize it with pictures.

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Interactive features
We’ve made it interactive!

Responding to events with DayHaps is a treat. This simple family calendar app, lets you RSVP with just a couple of taps on your phone. If you have shared a group calendar, you can also check who’s attending your event or add clear details of the event when you share it.

  • Share your events.
  • Who’s attending? Now you know!
  • Add event details the way you want.

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Events RSVP for the whole family

Calendar family

Stay updated with notifications
Never miss an event!

Dayhaps is all you need if you wish to stay updated with daily activities and events. Now don’t miss a single event with the amazing notifications feature. You can set reminders or get notifications when someone agrees to attend your event.

  • Get notified of new event invitations.
  • Set reminders to attend events.
  • Keep track of your invites.

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