Free calendar
free calendar

A free calendar for your mobile
Create shared calendars in seconds.

  • Free online calendar with a group
  • Awesome calendar design
  • RSVP to activities and see who’s going
  • Receive notifications from all activities

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Calendar free

Simple free calendar for groups
Quick & Easy.

Make a new free calendar for groups in less then a minute. Add participants in a blink. View free calendars separated thanks to the colors and pictures.

If you want to create a personal calendar without a group, no problem! Just make a group calendar without inviting a group. The app has been nominated as the best free calendar 2016.

  • Make calendars in less then a minute.
  • A free calendar app with a personal touch.
  • Adding participants to group calendars simple and quick.

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Share your calendars:
Connected Events.

Make and share your distributed calendars in seconds. This is just the app you need to create simple calendars which can be shared online with a group. It comes with a smart, intuitive and beautiful design which eases the way a person interacts with it to create and share calendars, events, schedules and so much more. You can also get in touch with others by responding to events and seeing who will be in attendance. With instant notifications, you know what groups and activities are buzzing around your schedule.

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Free calendar app

RSVP on events and activities

Group Calendars.

Creating a group calendar takes just a second and this is something that has never been possible before. For faster recognition to breeze you through all the data in the app, different colors and even personal pictures can be used to rub your memory when you need to get organized in a short time. In case you would need to have a calendar just for yourself, this can be done in an instant by ignoring to add contacts making it private to just you.

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Contacts Embedded
Within Calendars.

Contacts can be added to group calendars easily and fast. Free calendars from your daily schedule as this app will fade all that stress and strain keeping you in charge of all your activities. The design is effortless as you go through through months and lists of contacts without a hitch. You can also switch the visibility of your calendars to show only events that you are intending to present yourself. All events come with clear details to keep track of everything that you might be required to have at the event. Get notifications of new events as soon as they pop up, reminders before the start of an event and an overall general level organization that you have never experienced before. Free up all your calendars and get to see even more with this calendar app.

Apple store free calendar Download at the Playstore

Notifications from all activities

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