Free calendar
free calendar

Creative and Smart Free Calendar App Online
Shared calendars created in a matter of seconds

  • Make a clean, well-designed and simple online calendar
  • An awesome free calendar.  One of the best free calendars

  • View individuals who are attending the event and respond to invitations
  • Be notified about any group activities or events with a free calendar app

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Calendar free

Create online group calendars.
Quick and Easy.

Creating a smart and simple calendar with a group while adding your contacts has never been this easy and quick. You can even personalize it with pictures and colors.

Or, do you just want to make an online calendar for personal use?
With this free calendar app, you can do so even without adding in your contacts.

  • Create great quality calendars in seconds.
  • Add pictures to your calendars for a customized design.
  • Include contacts to your group calendar in a snap.

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Smart and Catchy
Free calendar app.

Check events in a snap in a well-designed calendar and simply scroll through the different months. Switch calendar visibility to choose the calendar you wish to view. Either show all events in the calendar, or just the event you plan to attend.

  • Choose between list view and month view of events in this free calendar app.
  • Show calendars that you want to be visible.
  • View events you wish to attend.

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Free calendar app

RSVP on events and activities

Respond to invites for group events
and check who are attending.

An interactive and smart calendar app that features event details. Respond to invitations for group events and find out who attends an event. Choose options including “maybe”, “attending” and “not attending”. Dayhaps can also serve as a personal calendar for checking your own events in full detail.

  • View event details and share information with your group.
  • Know which participants are coming or not attending the event.
  • Let everyone know if you are coming to the event.

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Receive notifications for
group activities and events.

Scroll through the different months in a well-designed calendar and view group events. Filter calendars you want to view through the calendar visibility option. Show all events or just the ones you are planning on attending.

  • When there is a new event, you will be notified immediately.
  • Using this free calendar app, you can get reminders for upcoming events.
  • Find out once you are added to an event in a group calendar.

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Notifications from all activities

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