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Samsung calendar

A free Samsung calendar app.
Synch group calendars between Android and IOS devices.

  • Create group calendars with friends and family
  • Synch calendars between IOS and Android devices
  • Beautiful designed samsung calendar app
  • Stay notified from all group activities

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Calendar s

Create smart and beautifully-designed
samsung calendar app

If you are having problems trying to organize events that you need to attend, then the DayHaps app is something you must have. DayHaps is a simple iPhone and Samsung calendar app that allows you to create online calendars that you can share with your friends, family, co-workers, and other groups. In addition, you will be notified about upcoming events and activities as entered into the app. You can also see who has confirmed to attend the events that you’ve created.

  • Create simple group calendars.
  • Create Personalized calendars.
  • Create groups in seconds.

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Creating a group calendar
is fast and easy.

Creating a Samsung calendar can take just a few seconds of your time. Adding contacts to the event is also hassle-free. You can customize the calendars by using different colors for different events. The app is supported by both iPhone and Samsung mobile phones. If you don’t want to create a group calendar, you can make your own calendar which only you can access and view.

  • Samsung calendar app with great list and month view.
  • Switch between calendars in different views.
  • Show or hide upcoming events with a single press.

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Samsung calendar app

RSVP on events and activities

Respond to events and activities
and view who attends.

Managing your Samsung calendar is easy because you can filter which calendars you want to see by switching the visibility feature. You have the option of viewing the events by the month or in a list format. You can also select which events you want to be shown prominently when you access the app.

  • Simple view for all events.
  • View who attends and who doesn’t.
  • Show others if you attend an event.

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Dayhaps is perfect
for group events.

Creating a Samsung calendar using Dayhaps is efficient since you can view in real time who are attending, who aren’t attending, and who are still undecided. In short, you can easily track all the attendees of your events. And last but not the least, you will be notified about new events where you’ve been added. The app will also send you reminders if an event you created or an event you plan on attending is about to start. Keep in mind that you’ll be notified when someone adds you to a group event. In conclusion, whether you are creating an iPhone or Samsung calendar, the app Dayhaps has everything you need to organize your scheduled events.

  • Receive updates from activities.
  • Receive reminders from activities.
  • Receive notifications if you’ve been added to a group calendar.

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Notifications from all activities

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